Adapting Blog Technologies To Company ENewsletters

Every January, trade publications put out a set of forecasts for the next year. They talk about goods, companies and developments they believe may alter the manner business is completed, labeling these”disruptive technology .”

A disruptive technology is a procedure, procedure, skill, system, or materials that redefines the competitive standards. Note that the technologies does not always have to be considered a physical thing and that it often forces us to reevaluate how we do the job.

InfoWorld’s list of disruptive technologies for 2003 included open source, self explanatory CRM, digital identity, and my own favorite, web logs. How does a easy, web based journal be disruptive?

First of all, it’s well worth describing what a Weblog is. The musings are usually short, however they’re published regularly and consistently. Individuals can register to get the site updates via e mail. Often, the blogger is an expert about them he’s talking.

At first glance, it does not seem that blogs would be at all disruptive. So all the hype? When we look carefully at the composition and intent of blogs as a communications tool, we are able to see a few powerful ideas on the job.

Blogs are a direct, one-to-many automobile for communication thoughts. They enlarge somebody’s capability to convey. They’re timely and fresh. The blogger, to be able to keep up interest, must communicate regularly. Blogs enable a single person to share ideas, insights, and useful knowledge with an audience. Thanks for the Web, the crowd can be a world wide one.

Each time a new software or process-such as e-mail- expands communications, the consequences are farreaching and striking. Even though blogs have been around for 3-4 years, they are the next huge factor.

Two major features of blogs are that they are compiled by a man who is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the topic, and that they are written in a”real voice” This is just a cosmic shift from the advertising and public relations materials which would be the staple of communications.

Usually, when information goes through an official marketing or PR procedure, the end result can be an attractive, expensive, stale, diluted document written in corporate speak. This result is normally as a result of processes which evolved to accommodate the costs and standards of print technology, rather than to the incompetence or malevolence of corporate communicators. The edge, the authenticity, and the voice of this professional speaking to his fellow professionals is missing.

Blogs offer the human voice which could be loud, controversial, and even wacky. But the realness of this blog inspires trust and piques people’s fascination. A blog can create a community and a lively discussion.

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