Main Competition in Football Backgrounds

Foot-ball, this beautiful game is certainly probably the most viewed game in the world, which is very popular among most people’s productions. Of course one of the biggest causes of his extraordinary fame is the interesting story of the best football competition among the many clubs and countries that come with this sport.

Largest Club Competition in Football

Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona

Real Madrid FC was created in 1902, while FC Barcelona was founded in 1899. Generally called the ‘El Clasico’ competition, Real Madrid and Barcelona have roughly fought each other 270 times, with Madrid actually winning around 37 percent compared to 41% Barcelona, ​​and around 22% of the matches ended in a draw. This competition starts in 1902 every time they meet each other for the first time บ้านผลบอล.

Manchester United FC and Liverpool FC

The soccer field has been dominated by this famous competition because 1894. Competing clubs have performed with each of them at least 190 times, with Manchester United winning 40 percent and Liverpool winning 33% of those matches. About 27% of the matches ended in a draw. Manchester was founded in calendar year 1878, and Liverpool was launched in 1892.

Arsenal versus Chelsea

Most Arsenal supporters don’t like Chelsea, and also the competition between clubs has been a hundred years. Because 1907 they have now competed with each other. They have played almost 200 matches with each other, along with Arsenal winning 38 percent and Chelsea benefiting 32% of this game. About 30 percent of the games are finished in the series. Arsenal was launched in 1886, also Chelsea was launched in 1905.

River Plate Versus Boca Juniors

Both of these football contests have played with around 210 matches with each other, and also fierce competition began because of 1913, with River Plate succeeding around 33%, and Boca Juniors benefiting 37% of the game. About 30 percent of the matches are finished in one drawon. River Plate was set from 1901, while Boca Juniors was launched in calendar year 1905.

The Biggest Country Competition in Kaki-bola

Argentina against Brazil

Competition between neighboring countries is generally known as their ‘South American Cow’. The first match between the two places was accepted in 1914, and at least one hundred matches were recently made by each other. The two states have won equal numbers in that time period, also about 25 percent of the matches have ended in a draw. In 1901, Argentina played with its first international match, while Brazil played with the first in 1914.

Portugal vs. Spanish

In 1921, both Portugal and Spain had appeared fighting each other for around 140 times. Portugal has gotten around 17% of the match, even though Spain won around 50% of the match. About 34 percent of the matches ended in a draw. Portugal made its first match in the whole world while in calendar year 1921, where as the earliest Spanish game in the world it was from 19 20

Mexico vs. U S A

Mexico and the US have played with each other since 1934. In around 70 matches, Mexico has gotten 21 percent of the game and the United States has won 52 percent of the game. Mexico debuted in the global arena in 1923, when the US played with its first global match in 1885.

Germany against England

The two countries met each other on the football field in calendar year 1899. Until now, they have played against each other significantly more than thirty days, together with the two states winning the same number of times, and 17 percent of the matches has finished in Overview. Germany appeared with its first global match in 1908, although England played with the first in calendar year 1870.

Japan versus South Korea

Because in 1954 Asian countries had played at least for 800 examples. Japan has won 18% of this match, while South Korea has won around 52% of these games. About 30% of the matches are finished in the draw. Japan’s first global game was from 1936, while South Korea made its first match around the world in 1948.

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