Taxi Contract Hire is a Cash Machine

In today’s economy counting on flag reverses or rank work is in my own opinion insecure. It’s vital when you start your organization that you guarantee as much cash as you can, the best way to do this would be to tap in to the endless quantity of job that is available through the local council. In almost every county in the UK their will soon be faculty run contracts available, a number of them are going to just be worth 25 – #30 daily, the others are worth #150 – #200 per day.

The maxi cab specialised vehicles you’ve got the greater your odds of procuring the huge money contracts whilst the demand for transport out increases the number of specialised vehicles available. You have to make your decision as early as possible what form of contract work you’re willing and able to do.

Dealing with elderly people or adults and children with special requirements can be quite hard at times and it is not for everyone. But the simple fact is it is also very rewarding, both emotionally and financially.

The first thing you need to complete when choosing contract work is make certain you have sufficient cover on your own insurance. #5 million people liability should be the minimum you take.

Contact the regional council office and ask them which department is accountable for school transfer and in particular taxis for schools.

Once you’ve the perfect department contact them and introduce yourself, let them know of your business and inquire when they have any need for your services. (It may be a very good plan to contact them before you buy your first car, they may need some thing specialised and also this will insure work if you’re able to provide it) If they’ve nothing readily accessible then leave your contact information and have them to keep you in mind if something crops up.

Continue this method with your regional hospitals, care homes, and doctors surgeries and elsewhere you think may need transport solutions. I have contract together with each one these businesses within my town and have even contracts with my regional chemist’s for that which we deliver prescriptions and in the past oxygen bottles into there clients who are unable to got into town.

Professional transportation contracts for schools often require you to supply a chaperone for those kiddies. In addition, this is a excellent method that you boost your income.

You’re able to charge no 7 – #8 each hour for a chaperone but due to the simplicity of this work you should have the ability to discover some one to benefit about #5.50 per hour.

It’s very common for husband and wife teams to achieve this sort of run as it makes it quite profitable.

Remember to get your maths and calculate the yearly revenue for a contract job.

Hint 1:-

Cost of journey #25.00

Cost for chaperone 1 hour #8.00

2 journeys per day.

5 days each week.

39 weeks per year.

25 + 8 x 2 x 5 x 39 = #12,870 per year.

That’s #12,870 per year for two hours work daily.

Hint 2:-

Cost of Journey = #50.00

Cost of Chaperone two hours = #16.00

2 journeys Each Day

5 days a week

39 weeks per year.

50 + 16 x 2 x 5 x 3 9 = #25,740

That is #25,740 a season for 4 hours a day.

Now you may think that there is no way that you can find yourself a run worth over #100 per day but believe me its not hard.

I have inch contract that’s worth 180 per day and I’ve been able to unite this with another run worth over #60 each evening and eradicated virtually all of the dead mileage to allow it to be super profitable. These two jobs are worth more than 46,000 a year for my business and just require 1 vehicle and 4 hrs per day to finish.

A husband and wife team achieving this type of work can be a profitable machine.

Specialised school contract work can also be much more apt to be ongoing for that entire time the child is in school. Our contracts are protected by the parents of their children fiercely at the beginning of every term due to the level of trust that’s been assembled between us and the parents and in addition the student who may have hearing difficulties and doesn’t adjust well to changes in routine. Offer a safe reliable a favorable service and also you will certainly be rewarded with loyal customers long into the long term.

I explain this in greater detail within my Taxi and Private Hire start up guide.

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